Royal Jelly

The ultimate food supplement for health & beauty


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Royal Jelly is called the ultimate food supplement with excellent benefits for health & beauty. It’s a milky secretion produced by worker honey bees as a special food only for the queen bee.

It contains great amounts of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids for the queen bee’s nourishment & development.

Today, Royal Jelly is considered as one of the world’s most nutrient-rich substances and a valuable gift of nature for perfect health & beauty.


  • Restores energy & vitality
  • Promotes good mood & fights stress
  • May ease anxiety or depression
  • Has great antioxidant power
  • Boosts immunity
  • Liver protection
  • Improves brain function, concentration, & memory
  • Protection from inflammation, bacteria, virus & germs
  • Combats cholesterol
  • Controls Diabetes & blood sugar
  • Strengthens bones & prevents osteoporosis
  • Adapts to the needs of the body
  • Protection from some types of cancer (Breast cancer)


  • Prevents premature aging of cell
  • Acts as an anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Hydrates skin to prevent dryness
  • Improves the appearance of hair & nail
  • Has skin and wound healing properties


Take one capsule daily, increase if desired. Due to honey content, not recommended for children under the age of two.


Bee products may cause allergic reaction in some people. Keep in cool place. Keep out of the reaching of children.


Made In Japan

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